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武内社長02 武内酒造

Kuramoto (sake brewery)

Masashi Takeuchi

Born in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture in January 1971. 
Spent time in his hometown Ogaki city from childhood to high school graduation. Graduated from a university in Osaka in1993 (major in business administration) 

Joined a major alcohol manufacture. Experienced in local liquor stores sales and area marketing.

Gained experience in the field and administrative work such as PDCA. 
After joining Shiokamaya Co., Ltd (alcohol beverages wholesaler) in 1998, I was sent to the National Research Institute of Brewing. At the same institute, I gained knowledge about alcohol beverages production with a focus on Sake and experienced actual brewing. 

Joined Takeuchi Sake Brewery (Takeuchi Limited Partnership) in 2000. At that time, I studied under Mr. Hiroshi Nakano who was a technical adviser of Sake Brewing Association in Gifu prefecture and received technical guidance on Sake brewing and Sake tasting.  
In 2012, I became the nine the generation Kuramoto after the death of his predecessor until now. 

Favorite word: “If you try hard, anything is possible. If you do not try, you would not succeed.”
Attitude toward business: “Sampo Yoshi” (Three-way satisfaction: purchaser, buyer, society) 


Nakashim Kouichi

Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Graduated from school of Engineering faculty, Department of Industrial Design 
I have been brewing Sake for 13 years since he was 24 years old, and I have been a Toji for seven years. 

I do not have a school of Toji, but practices in the Nambu Toji Group and Summer Sake Brewing Course held in Iwate prefecture every year. 
My commitment to Sake brewing is that “Expressing the individuality of brewery with taste.” 
I also study management because it is important to grasp the profit and needs of our company. 

Also try to keep my interest in other alcohol, not only Sake. 

杜氏 武内酒造

Takeuchi Sake Brewery Gallery


1744年 圓教元年創立





  • 1956 年 3 月,日本清酒兄弟花岐阜縣清酒釀造協會第 3 屆清酒博覽會優勝者

  • 1957年11月清酒兄弟花名古屋地方稅務局第3屆清酒博覽會榮譽獎

  • 1958 年 3 月 岐阜縣清酒釀造協會第 8 屆清酒交易會榮譽獎

  • 1970 年 3 月 岐阜縣清酒釀造協會第 17 屆清酒交易會榮譽獎

  • 2006年4月名古屋地方稅務局第42屆酒類鑑定獎

  • 2007年4月名古屋地方稅務局第43屆酒類鑑定獎

  • 2008 年 4 月 名古屋地方稅務局第 44 屆酒類鑑定獎

  • 2008 年 5 月 日本清酒美濃 Koume 全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 2009 年 5 月 日本清酒美濃 Koume 全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 1998年4月名古屋地方稅務局第46屆酒類鑑定獎

  • 1998 年 5 月 日本清酒美濃 Koume 全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 2001 年 4 月 名古屋地方稅務局第 49 次酒類鑑定獎

  • 2003年4月名古屋地方稅務局第51屆酒類鑑定榮譽獎

  • 2004 年 5 月 日本清酒美濃 Koume 全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 2005年4月名古屋地方稅務局第53屆酒類鑑定榮譽獎

  • 2005 年 5 月 日本清酒美濃 Koume 第 93 屆全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 2006年4月名古屋地方稅務局第54屆酒類鑑定榮譽獎

  • 2008年5月 美濃古梅第96屆全國新酒鑑定金獎

  • 2008年10月名古屋地方稅務局第56屆酒類鑑定榮譽獎

  • 2009 年 11 月 名古屋地方稅務局第 57 次酒類鑑定榮譽獎





President Takeuchi Masashi 

503-0897  1 Tenmacho, Ogaki City, Gifu

Open 9:00-18:00 pm   Closed/Sun. 

Contact Tel,+81-584-81-3311

Email :

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