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​Takeuchi Sake Brewery's sake Mino Koume

MINO KOUBAI   --Takeuchi Sake Brewery


​Mino red plum

Mino Koume Daiginjo​

Polished up to 40% of "Yamada Nishiki", which is said to be the most suitable for sake brewing,
It is a sake brewed slowly over time with the high-quality spring water of the water city "Ogaki".
When you enjoy it cold, you can feel the fruity aroma peculiar to Daiginjo, and you can feel the soft taste in the refreshing taste.


Mino red plum
Junmai sake

This sake is made by polishing "Hidahomare", a rice suitable for sake brewing from Gifu prefecture, to a rice polishing rate of 60%.
It is a liquor with a rich aroma and taste.


​Mino red plum

Clean mouthfeel

The taste that the brewer continued to stick to

Please enjoy it slowly.

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