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​Commitment to sake brewing

Three commitments of "rice," "water," and "Mr. Mori" to support the deliciousness of sake



Rice that influences the taste of sake so much that it is said that sake brewing starts with rice brewing.
Since it affects the taste, aroma, alcohol, and color of sake, the brewery and Mori pay the most attention to the raw rice.
Rice for making sake is roughly divided into general rice (edible rice) and sake rice (Sakamai), and both are used at Takeuchi Sake Brewery.

"General rice"
Because it contains abundant nutrients, sake has a complex taste.
The general rice used in Takeuchi Sake Brewery is only from Gifu prefecture, and we manufacture pure rice sake, honjo brewing, and ordinary sake.

"Sake rice"
Sake rice is the rice exclusively for sake brewing.
Sake rice is excellent in making koji, saccharifying, and producing aroma, and has the characteristic of producing good quality sake.
Takeuchi Sake Brewery uses a large number of sake rice selected from all over Japan, such as "Yamada Nishiki" and "Omachi", and "Hidahomare", a rice suitable for sake brewing from Gifu Prefecture. , Daiginjo, etc. are manufactured.
Please enjoy the difference in taste depending on the rice.


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Ogaki City is located in one of the leading artesian aquifers in Japan, and has been called the city of water due to the blessings of abundant groundwater.
Even today, as urbanization progresses, you can still find artesian wells in various parts of the city.
At the manufacturing warehouse in the city, high-quality medium-soft water with a hardness of about 50, which maintains 14 to 15 ° C throughout the year, is pumped from 50m underground.
It is known that the taste of sake changes depending on the hardness of water,

Our sake brewed in medium soft water is characterized by a soft and smooth taste.

​Mr. Mori

Japanese sake brewing is a very delicate and complicated process and a job that requires advanced technology.
In recent years, the development of brewing equipment has made it possible to finely control temperature, humidity, and fermentation conditions, but I think that the knowledge and experience of Mr. Toji, the chief executive officer of sake brewing, is not unnecessary. ..
For example, responding to the changing rice quality every year is one of the factors that make use of past experience.
At Takeuchi Sake Brewery, we respect tradition and incorporate new technologies to make sake brewing that will be remembered by those who meet.

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