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Rice that optimizes the taste of sake without saying, "A lot of sake comes from making rice."
Because we live here in the taste, aroma, alcohol, and color of sake, Mamai buys drinks made by kuramoto and Mori.
The rice used to make sake is ordinary rice (edible rice) and sake rice (sakamai), which are used by Takeuchi Sake Brewery.

"Ordinary rice"
Sake has a ripe taste because it has various nutrients.
The general rice used in Takeuchi Sake Brewery is Qing from Gifu Prefecture, and we manufacture pure rice sake, honjo brewing, and ordinary sake.

"Sake rice"
Sake rice is rice.
Sake rice can be made with koji, saccharification, and incense, and the finished sake is judged.
Takeuchi Sake Brewing Rice "Yamada Nishiki" and "Omachi", Gifu Prefecture Sake Brewing Rice "Hidahobu" I often use sake rice from all over Japan, Daiginjo.
Yes, rice cannot explain the taste.


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Ogaki City is located in one of the leading artesian aquifers in Japan, and is known as a city that is blessed with groundwater. Even now, I still make a self-propelled well in a well place in the city. Underground manufacturing industry When the temperature of groundwater is 14 to 15 ° C, medium soft water with a hardness of about 50 is pumped up from 50m underground. The governor tends to taste hard sake Sake brewed in medium soft water is beer with a savory taste.

​Mr. Mori


Japanese sake brewing is a very delicate and complicated process and a job that requires advanced technology. In recent years, the development of brewing equipment has made it possible to finely control temperature, humidity, and fermentation conditions, but I think that the knowledge and experience For example, responding to the changing rice quality every year is one of the factors that make use of past experience. At Takeuchi Sake Brewery, we respect tradition. and incorporate new technologies to make sake brewing that will be remembered by those who meet.

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